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Pakistan is indeed blessed to be close to equator with 300 plus sunny  days with 4 hours peak sunlight  around the year which solar experts believe to be the most economically viable for solar systems as power generating independent unit.

Solar energy, therefore, makes all the sense in the world for Pakistan as a major source of electricity, even taking into consideration the limitations of energy storage technology.

According to the report of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the average energy demand in Pakistan is approximately 19,000 megawatts (MW) against the average generation of around 15,000 MW. This demand goes beyond 20,000 MW from May to July, when the summer is at its peak and air conditioning systems place an extra burden on the national power grid, often causing power cuts.

The IEA also forecasts in its report that the electricity demand would rise to more than 49,000 MW by 2025 as the country’s population increases and the economy grows in size. This is a crucial situation and at this time the government really needs to think of an alternate solution. Solar energy is the obvious candidate.


AB Solar Systems

We offers the best solar systems as renewable energy solutions to meet any power requirements at most competitive prices with quality certified products .

We are committed to be the best solar system provider of PV solutions to customers by providing cost effective solar solutions for commercial, government, military, rural development, residential and customised applications.

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Our complete solution

AB Solar Systems


Provide all necessary drawings/sketches including your requirement and applying for the concerned departments approvals.


Designing and measuring the PV Module mounting structure installation on the roof system size.


Buying and securing PV system hardware (online or through local distributors or vendors). Get standard wiring, fasteners, and other basic supplies at local retailers.


Delivering Panels,Inverter,Cables and switches etc to the site


PV Modules installation module support structure (rooftop racking or ground-mount structure) and PV modules

Civil works

Related Civil Works and Pedestals mounting as required


Proper Earthing of Solar Panels and Lighting arrester not exceeding 5 ohms.

Net Metering

Applying to Nepra and WAPDA for issuance of licence and Net Meter approval on site

Monitoring & Control

Inspection of system prior startup and production


Start-up & Commissioning

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How we do it

We do our job with dedication and professionalism .

Solar system is a huge investement that has to provide power for lifetime therefore make no mistake by choosing the wrong person.

Our system packages are inclusive of all charges and there is absolutely no worry for the client to get worried about solar system installation. 

Give us a call we will deliver you complete system on a turn key basis with no worries.

We choose the best for the best system