Foundations and its importance

Settlement in a structure refers to the distortion or disruption of parts of a building due to unequal compression of its foundations, shrinkage, buildings as the frame adjusts its moisture content or undue loads being applied to the building after its initial construction. Above pics are of newly constructed houses in Bahriatown Phase 8 Rawalpindi which got its structures sinked and sagged in its initial years

Foundations plays a very important role in structures. The main purpose of the foundation is to hold the structure above it and keep it upright. On the contrary, a poorly constructed foundation can be dangerous to the occupants and the neighborhood.

Well designed foundations keep the structure intact and provides safety during calamities such as earthquake, floods, strong winds etc.

Types of foundations There are different type of foundations depending upon its use sand requirements.

A slab-on-grade foundations will support a structure on compacted engineered soil, and deep foundations that use caissons, piles or deep foundation footers to support the structure on soil that may be lacking in its inherent structural support.

A friction pile is designed to support a structure by developing friction around its circumference as it is driven into the soil. A caisson will be dug through none-bearing soil down to a layer of supportive material or maybe even bedrock.

We design a building from the roof down, but we obviously build it from the ground up. If you err in your foundation design and/or construction, the future of the structure will not be a happy one.